Manure treatment

Whether the aim is drainable water, maximum phosphate removal or nitrogen recovery for fertilisers; manure digestion is always the first step. Not just because the resulting biogas allows for energy-neutral manure processing, but also because the leftover manure is homogeneous and will release more nutrients.

Thermophilic digestion

At a temperature between 50 and 54°C, thermophilic digestion allows for a quick decomposition process, which keeps the digester tank smaller. On top of that, thermophilic digestion produces validated manure, which can be exported without requiring additional intermediate steps. If thermophilic digestion is not possible, mesophilic digestion is the best alternative.


To digest the manure, we use the DigestMix®, a proprietary heating and mixing system, requiring no additional components in the digester. Maintenance can be carried out at all times, because the digester tank does not need to be opened. helping you save money!


The production of biogas is key to manure digestion: not only can the gas be upgraded to natural gas, which can be fed into the natural gas network, but it can also be used in a Combined Heat and Power (CHP) system to produce electricity and heat. In addition, biogas can be used in Central Heating systems. The Dutch Government grants subsidies for electricity, heat and green gas, and a similar subsidy is available in Belgium, organised by the Flemish Energy Agency. Internationally other regional or national support programs exists.


There are many options when it comes to manure digestion; from 10,000 m3 to 500,000 m3 per year, from cattle manure to chicken manure and from the Netherlands to South Africa and from Mexico to Japan. Major cattle and pig farmers have started digestion projects to make their business more profitable, industrial-scale systems are installed for the digestion of all local manure and regularly co-digestion projects are built.

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