Chicken manure treatment

There’s a range of known complications when it comes to digesting chicken manure, from overly dry manure, grit contamination to excess nitrogen levels. As a result, people tend to forget that chicken manure contains a lot of biogas potential and useful nutrients. Due to the worldwide increase in the consumption of chicken and eggs, there is an abundance of chicken manure, which is exactly why we need a process that could digest this waste.


We introduce Poul-AR®: the premier system for preprocessing chicken manure. The system mixes manure and digestate obtained from the digester, removing grit and other contaminants from the manure and extracting nitrogen. The end product can then easily be fed into a (thermophilic) manure digester.


With the Poul-AR® system, chicken manure can be mono-digested, requiring no other manure or co-products, which makes it particularly interesting for major poultry farms or poultry farm clusters. However, the Poul-AR® can also be used to significantly increase the proportion of chicken manure fed into a co-fermenter, for instance. Besides, chicken manure is comparable to corn in terms of biogas production, so replacing corn with chicken manure can bring considerable economic and ecological benefits.

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