Our story

The world is continuously developing and expressly calls for solutions. Everywhere around us, scarcity in resources, clean water and energy arises and there is a need for efficiency and sustainability.
Nationally and internationally, from industry to government.. in every sector chances are there in the area of water, sustainable energy and environment. And we as Colsen want to make the most of those chances. That is why we develop technology and deliver installations, products and services that are always contributing in a positive way to the environment.

4 oktober

Ecological ánd economical advantage

Innovation helps us in developing in ingenious waste water treatment systems, biogas installations and manure processing plants.  Next to that we deliver services in the area of environmental permits. Our resourcefulness offers opportunities in creating clean, sustainable energy or new commodities. And we make all those technical solutions fit for specific production processes. That is how we can collaborate on ecological ánd economical advantage. In other words: we create environmental impact with optimal financial results for our customers.

Together we keep on innovating

Continously developing and with that contributing to a sustainable world is not something we do alone! Together with international knowledge institutes, our sister companies and our network we strive for optimal results. As a partner you know exactly what you can expect from us and as an employee you get all the space to learn and develop and to practice your knowledge in your daily work. Because in a world that is continuously developing, we have to keep on innovating our technologies to keep on creating sufficient environmental impact.


In short:


Everything we do has a positive impact on the climate/environment
Technology, installations, products and services in the area of water, sustainable energy and environment.


For that we design innovative tailor made solutions
Continuously learn and develop. Explore new routes is what drives us, knowledge is our product.


And we invest in sustainable, engaging and honest relations
Our Dutch sobriety forms the basis for solid long term relations with our customers, partners and employees