Biogas desulphurization Waste treatment Vink

Afvalverwerking Vink B.V.
Barneveld, NL

Year of construction:    2017
BIDOX® Ø:                  5 m
Biogas flow rate:          1,000 Nm3/h
H2S removal:               5,500 ppm to <100 ppm

Biogas treatment
Biogas treatment
Biogas desulphurization

Landfill gas is produced by anaerobic processes in the landfill at Waste Processing Vink. This landfill gas has long been valorised on a CHP for the production of electricity. However, the high sulphur content and the presence of siloxanes in the landfill gas caused corrosion in the CHP. To avoid odour nuisance, it is also necessary to desulphurize the landfill gas before flaring it when the CHP is out of order

On behalf of Vink, an independent advisor subsequently made a comparison between different desulphurisation technologies, which showed that a biological desulphurisation technology based on TCO (Total Cost of Ownership) is preferred. The comparison of different biological desulphurisation technologies revealed Colsen's BIDOX® as the most economically advantageous tender. Colsen has therefore been commissioned to realize a BIDOX® installation turnkey. In view of the high H2S concentration in the landfill gas, it was decided in this installation to dilute the incoming gas with recirculated outgoing gas. After the BIDOX®, the landfill gas is dried and the siloxanes are removed in the downstream activated carbon filters. The conditioned landfill gas is then processed in the CHP.

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Bidox vink

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