Sustainable wastewater treatment - Pizzoli S.p.A.

Pizzoli S.p.A.
Budrio, Italy
2008 - 2019

Capacity:  680 m³/day (liquid) + 75 tonnes/day (solid)

Treated & re-used wastewater: 57,000 m³/year

Treated & discharged wastewater: 120,000 m³/year

Green power:  8,400,000 kW(e)/year

Green heat: 8,900,000 kW(th)/year

Struvite: 620 - 910 tonnes/year

Compost (80% dry matter): 1,480 tonnes/year

Biomass digestion
Biogas treatment
Anaerobic water treatment
Phosphate recovery
Water reuse
Nitrogen removal

Water treatment & biogas production

Colsen, teaming up with client Pizzoli S.p.A for the construction phase, realised a water treatment and biogas production system in Italy. Pizzoli S.p.A. is a potato processing company that mainly produces pre-cooked French fries. The system realised by Colsen produces renewable energy, treats wastewater for partial re-use and recovers a large part of the phosphates from the wastewater.

Shifting demand

The foundations for this long-lasting partnership were laid during a feasibility study into the options for extending or adapting an existing treatment system. Over the course of the project, consultancy services morphed into the co-development of an optimal system with a focus on sustainability, lowering operating costs and maximising water re-use. Uniquely, we achieved maximum coordination between the various processes in the plant on the one hand and the water treatment and biogas production processes on the other hand.

Long-lasting partnership

Colsen shared its technological know-how and carried out the entire detail-engineering process. After overseeing the construction process, Colsen took care of the entire startup and commissioning phase. In 2019, Colsen provided support during major maintenance to the sludge separation component of the nitrogen removal system, replacing the MBR membrane modules after years of loyal service.



Pizzoli NAS
Installatie Pizzoli
Installatie Pizzoli

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