Renovation of wastewater treatment plant - Vion

Boxtel, The Netherlands

Anaerobic UASB volume:  2,200 m³


Treatment capacity: 3,000 m3 of waste water per day


Biogas production: 1 million Nm3/year


H2S removal: 1,500 ppm to <40


Nitrogen load: 13,000 kg/day ~ 85% removal


Phosphate load: 120 kg/day ~ 80% removal


COD load: 13,000 kg/day ~ 98% removal


Wastewater treatment

Vion, a slaughterhouse in Boxtel, used to process large quantities of wastewater with a physico-chemical water treatment system, a traditional, high-cost technique. Because water treatment is not one of the company’s core businesses and because it was unable to invest in a new treatment system for prudential reasons, Vion opted to outsource the new system to HydroBusiness, which will continue to operate the plant for the foreseeable future.

The new system has a greater treatment capacity, is entirely organic and boasts improved performance in terms of smell, noise and supplying sustainable energy. As such, the new system is entirely in line with VION’s emphasis on Corporate Social Responsibility.

Installatie Vion
Installatie Vion
Installatie Vion

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