Recurring water treatment - Lamb Weston / Meijer vof

Lamb Weston / Meijer vof
Bergen op Zoom, The Netherlands

Anaerobic digestion volume (2004): 3,600 m³


Processing capacity : 4,300 m³ per day


COD load : 7,000 mg/l


Biogas production : 4,000,000 Nm³/year


H2S removal : 5,000 ppm to <100 ppm


Struvite production: 12 tonnes/day (18% dry matter)


Nitrogen load : 260 mgN-t/l


NAS® volume: 9,300 m³


Secondary sedimentation tank volume: 1,200 m3

Water treatment

Every year, global demand for pre-cooked fries increases, and to meet that demand, Lamb Weston / Meijer vof (LWM) has a large production site in Bergen op Zoom. Since 2004, Colsen has regularly renovated and modified the water treatment system.

The most recent expansion in 2016 was part of the Premium Product Line (PPL) project, for which Colsen was given the turn-key assignment to expand the existing wastewater treatment system with a view to upping production at this site.

Lamb Weston Bergen op Zoom

Applied technology

The latest expansion of the WWTP consisted of renewing the pre-treatment (sieve bends and pre-sedimentation) component, expanding the phosphate removal and recovery components with ANPHOS®, aerobic nitrogen removal with anammox NAS®, and the realisation of a new sedimentation tank and sludge thickener. Thanks to advanced aeration control and extensive sludge selection methods in the NAS-ONE®, wastewater can be treated efficiently with anammox. NAS® technology can cut operating costs by 40% compared to conventional nitrogen removal methods.

A biological desulphurisation system (BIDOX®) was added in order to treat the biogas produced in the anaerobic reactor (UASB) that was built in 2004, so that it can be used in LWM’s steam boiler.

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