Anaerobic water treatment with UASB technology - Sedamyl S.p.A.

Sedamyl S.p.A.
Saluzzo, Italy

UASB reactor volume: 1,440 m³ (effective)


Capacity:  3,600 m³ / day


Load: 10,800 kg COD / day


Biogas production: 4,860 Nm³ / day

Gas hoods
Three-phase separators
New construction
Upflow anaerobic sludge blancket
Engineering package

In 2018, Colsen expanded the Sedamyl S.p.A. water treatment plant in Saluzzo, Italy. Sedamyl is a multinational company known for processing grains and producing alcohol. In Saluzzo, it processes grain into semi-finished products for the food and paper industries. Because the performance of the existing treatment plant no longer sufficed, it had to be expanded with a new UASB reactor, suitable for wastewater with high levels of organic pollutants. The new system was to be set up in its entirety while the existing water treatment plant was still in operation.

Colsen provided consultancy services, drawing up a technological and technical design together with the client. In addition to a full engineering package, Colsen also supplied the gas hoods (three-phase separators), the key system equipment and the corresponding support structure. Colsen was on site to supervise the installation of the key equipment.

Sedamyl installatie

Applied technology

Anaerobic water treatment with UASB

The 1,440 m3 UASB reactor (Upflow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket) is continuously fed with 37°C influent from the mixing tank. Thanks to a feed system, the influent is distributed equally over the entire surface area of the reactor, to optimise its interaction with the bacteria.

Three-phase separators (gas hoods) were installed at the top of the reactor, charged with separating the effluent, the bacterial mass (sludge) and the resulting biogas. The effluent is discharged to an effluent tank, from which it is fed into the adjacent water treatment plant. The biogas is purified and used in a cogeneration plant, producing sustainable electricity and heat for the factory.



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