Start-up anammox sidestream treatment NAS-ONE Sleeuwijk (NL)

WWTP Sleeuwijk, the Netherlands, treats the wastewater of 64,000 inhabitants. The NAS-ONE® reactor in Sleeuwijk is an anammox sidestream treatment which treats the centrate (reject water) of the Sludge-to-Energy project West. This installation will treat 625 kg of Nitrogen on a daily base. The NAS-ONE® reactor is an essential piece in the Sludge-to-Energy project at this STP as a lot of external sludge is taken in for the digestion. The extra nitrogen load which comes along with this external sludge needs to be treated in the most energy efficient way by the NAS-ONE® to decrease the nitrogen load to the main wastewater treatment line.

Colsen is in the lead for the start-up of this installation to increase its load as fast and efficient as possible and to train local operators for the daily operations of an anammox reactor.

NAS-ONE Sleeuwijk

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