Construction first AMFER in the UK has started

At a poultry farm in the UK, a digester with a processing capacity of 50,000 tons of chicken manure per year is being built. The AMFER® technology will be implemented in this project.

The AMFER® will remove ammonium from the digestate, so that it can be used to dilute the incoming manure. By removing nitrogen, ammonia inhibition in the digester is avoided. At the same time, the captured ammonia is being used to produce a fertilizer.

The estimated recovery of nitrogen is 1,5 ton per day, or a bit over 530 ton per year.

This AMFER® is special because it is Colsen's first full-scale AMFER® installation and it is being built in a horizontal configuration.

It is expected that this installation will be in operation by the end of 2020.


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