Project update: energy-efficient waste- and wastewater treatment for Pizzoli S.p.A.

24th may 2022

Pizzoli S.p.A. is a potato processing company in the North of Italy. After a cooperation between Pizzoli and Colsen for over 15 years at their plant in Budrio, we are very proud that Pizzoli once again expressed their confidence in the Colsen technologies for their new production location!

For this project Colsen established the design and engineering of the waste- and wastewater treatment facility, focussing on energy efficiency and nutrient recovery. Besides turn-key supply of BIDOX® and UPHOS® and key equipment deliveries, Colsen is part of the executional team existing of Colsen, Pizzoli and local contractors, for the complete realization of this plant.

The design involves following Colsen technologies:

  • UASB, for energy recovery from wastewater;
  • U-PHOS®, for phosphorus recovery;
  • NAS®, for energy-efficient nitrogen removal;
  • BIDOX®, for biogas valorisation;
  • Thermophilic digestion and DIGESTMIX®, for energy recovery from solid waste.

Start-up of this plant is scheduled for the start of 2023!