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Colsen, founded by Joop Colsen in 1989, has developed into an international expert in the field of water, sustainable energy and the environment in recent years. With offices in the Netherlands, Italy, Spain and South Africa and a global partner network, we can provide local support, driven by our desire to find solutions. Short lines of communication, flexibility and innovation come first in all the branches of this family business. By working with technology experts, designers and project teams, we provide our customers with sustainable, tailor-made solutions, working on today’s practice and tomorrow’s innovation.

At Colsen, we combine Zeeland’s pragmatism with Brabant’s vivacity, Dutch objectivity and Flemish humour. Our headquarters in Hulst are the organisation’s knowledge centre, where employees and customers are encouraged to work on their development through a range of training sessions and courses. Ultimately, this lets us get the best out of our employees, and out of you!  

Thanks to the right mix of experts, we can offer versatile services in various countries, industries and companies. Our technology experts do more than just develop new knowledge: they also optimise existing technologies. Our designers then put this new knowledge into practice, while our engineers translate mathematical models into tangible products. Then there’s our advisors, who work on permits, subsidy applications and legal matters. Finally, our soil department focuses on soil surveys and drainage advice.


Bestuursleden Colsen voor hoofdgebouw
4 oktober
Bestuursleden Colsen voor hoofdgebouw

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