Colsen represents a company operating in the water, energy and environment sector. We have a track record of more than 25 years successful problem solving and delivery of sustainable technology in these fields for a wide variety of industries, water boards and municipalities, both national and international.

We work closely together with our clients to select the most sustainable solution with an extended future horizon by using integrated innovative concepts for water treatment, nutrient recovery and energy production. During the majority of our projects legislative bodies become involved. Our expertise in environmental legislation and permit preparation facilitate smooth project management and planning by securing timely involvement of all relevant stakeholders.

In order to be successful in innovation Colsen ties in to the newest technologies via collaboration with a variety of universities in the field of (waste) water treatment, digestion technology and nutrients recovery. This allows us to provide our clients with state of the art and tailor made solutions and designs.

As a family based company, we believe in transparent, open and fair communication. Hence your business will benefit from the ecological and economic added value of our knowledge. We are there to listen to you, and serve you from our very first contact!


Colsen’s world-wide business scope covers technology developments, installations delivery and products & services in the fields of water treatment, sustainable energy and environmental protection.

With our expertise and technology developments, we design and deliver an integral, customized and sustainable package for our clients, which combines minimal costs and ecological footprint with maximal environmental efficiency and profit.

As a leading developer of innovative technologies, Colsen has the ambition to pursue her position at the leading edge of environmental sustainability.

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